I know it can be a little confusing to put oil on the face, but let me convince you of their benefits, try first on the body and if you like to try on the face, if not add a few drops to your day cream …. you will not regret it!

Essential Tea Tree Oil

Also known by the English name tee trea, it effectively fights acne, yes because it is antiviral and antibacterial, it also helps healing of small wounds; For more information,

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Olive Argan

Ideal for oily skin with or without acne, this oil helps regulate the natural production of sebum. Big bonus, this oil is a concentrate of powerful anti-oxidants in summary an excellent product for the fight against free radicals and cell aging.

Anti-age vegetable oil,

this wonderful oil is rich in vitamin E, acids fat and antioxidants. Firming and softening: it restores elasticity and suppleness to the skin, it fights against the effects of skin aging. Extremely nourishing and healing, it is very effective on chapped skin, burns, acne scars and chickenpox.

Vegetable Oil of Blackcurrant Seeds

A skin traumatized by eczema, a sunburn, a laser treatment …? This oil is made for you, regenerating and revitalizing because very rich in fatty acids and omega-3. This oil has the ability to act on the inflammatory process and to reduce redness and to calm irritations. In addition, it preserves the skin of early aging.

Essential Oil Chamomile

You drink a chamomile tea for relaxation, well it’s the same for the skin; Sensitive skin will like its properties: Anti-inflammatory powerful, anti-allergic, anti-itchy (calm the itching) and cicatrisante

Essential oil of Rose

Problème of coloration?

Fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin A, an ideal cocktail to protect the skin thus Cellular renewal.

Olive oil

It is said that Italian women would take baths with this oil; Favor olive oil at first pressure because it is more concentrated in antioxidant. Nourishing, softening and emollient, we find Olive oil in the composition of traditional Aleppo and Marseille soaps. Recommended for dry skin because moisturizing, excellent healing agent, it soothes and protects against the harmful effects of weather and sun.