The sun is back then, we will talk about pedicure. Know that it is possible to do a complete care at home to prepare your feet for sunny days

What do you need? : a bowl, a towel, a fingernail, a nail file, cotton swabs, a coarse scrub for the feet, a clay mask, a moisturizing mask, plastic film and a glove.

Here is your program:

  • Start with a foot bath with some essential oils types rosemary or lemon sage, for 10 minutes.
  • Cut, file and then push back the cuticles with a cotton swab in circular motion at the level of the nail’s moon.
  • Gregate with coarse grains: it will remove dead skin and reactivate blood circulation.
  • Apply the purifying mask with a few drops of rose oil or sweet almond for very dry skin to the ankles.
  • Finish with a nourishing or moisturizing mask that you have previously heated in your palms.
  • Once done, wrap your feet in plastic film. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes then remove the excess with a slightly wet glove.

And here are your feet are ready to receive your nail polish or not!