Summer is still here, we feel the sun’s rays but now, we have to go back to the office.

How to keep your tan still for a while. There are 3 very simple ways.First, the skin is composed how?

The skin is an organ whose function is to wrap the whole body to protect it.

The protection is also provided by the waterproof envelope. The skin also represents a protective barrier against the harmful rays of the sun. These activate the melanocytes that are responsible for tanning. Vitamin D is produced by the skin thanks to the sun’s rays.

Let’s talk about tanning and how to prolong it

  • The scrub, it’s pretty paradoxical for some people to erase = erase my tan. It’s the opposite, you’ll stimulate the melanocytes that lodge below your skin. Melanocytes are the source of your tan. The more melanocytes you stimulate, the more they will grow, grow and be in contact with the skin. This gives a halftone color to defend against the sun. Unfortunately, the duration is 10 days maximum.
  • You have the natural option is to eat foods rich in beta-carotene carrot or carrot juice, sweet potato (baked), pumpkin (canned), lettuce, melon, apricot, peas.
  • What is beta- carotene? Here is the definition Orange pigment of the group of carotenoids, abundant in plants (carrot) and animals. (Present in many food plants, has antioxidant properties, It is used by cells or converted to vitamin A.) Duration 7 days.
  • The optional UV cabin to be done once a week for 10 minutes for 3 weeks.

Otherwise there is still a last option to leave on vacation.

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