Comment retrouver une peau éclatante


the skin loses its shine because it reflects the excesses during the holidays.

To find a beautiful skin in a single night with a minimum of 7 hours sleep.

It must begin with a good cleaning

First step cleansinga cleansing

  • with a milk for a combination skin to fat or oily with an oil for dry or sensitive skin.
  • Then a cleaning cream or a cleansing gelWe will finish with a scrub without grain, ideal for all skin types.
  • It is applied on a wet skin, let sit for 3-4 minutes then remove with a wet sponge.

Second stage purification

  • Puriface mask is based on green clay, red, white or pink, never take pure always mix with flower extract or plant extract. Leave for 10 minutes maximum. The mask is moistened with the sponge and then removed.
  • At this moment, apply your aqueous serum, lotion or ampoule that you enter with the heat of your hands.
  • It is important to finish with a moisturizing mask with the citrus (orange, clementine, lemon) or grapes or ginseng to give pep. Leave for 15 minutes to 20 minutes, rinse with your sponge.

Third step hydration

  • We finish with a serum or ultra light cream.

You can do this program as soon as you feel the need.

N’m not washing your sponge machine to wash or in a saucepan in boiling water.

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