Is there a cosmetic label for our body milk and why I decided not to use it? Currently, it is the great fashion of the labile products to show paws to consumers. You have to know that there are several cosmetic labels:


écocert • BDIH

Natrue • Slow Cosmétique

• and many others


Label criteria for organic cosmetics

• Ingredients must be of natural or organic origin including water

• Prohibition of use of petroleum derivatives, GMOs, certain preservatives, synthetic dyes and synthetic perfume

• 10% of the ingredients must be organic on the finished product.

For certain labels specialized for natural and organic cosmetic products

• ban on testing on animals • ban on the use of ingredients derived from animals dead

• prohibition of synthetic dye

• prohibition of use of synthetic perfume

• no silicone • no petroleum derivative

• ingredient of natural and organic originMany brands play with words and color codes to mislead consumers.

It is a question of subtlety that we will understand through an example of a rose-based cream for the face.

Some labels ask that the rose be cultivated in a biological way, that is to say with a restriction of pesticides.

nevertheless, I can transform these rose petals chemically in liquid or solid form. At the end I get a biological finished product for the consumer. (Ecocert)

If I use organic rose petals that I mix directly in a blender with some water and organic beeswax. I get a biological and natural finished product without chemical transformation with a more or less unsightly appearance. This time we respect the charter of some label as BDIH.

There is also the Cosmetic Slow which is a more refined and balanced vision of cosmetic products. We find chemical components with natural and organic components in the spirit of Ying & Yang. We put ourselves at the heart of the formulation and the man, nature, ethics and pragmatism.