Cotton is a vegetable fiber, cotton has been used for more than 7000 years. Cotton is used in the textile industry, in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Known for its many virtues, cotton oil is used on the skin and on the hair. Revitalizing and softening it has unique characteristics in the plant world.

  • Cotton oil is an antioxidant

  • Cotton oil protects from the sun

  •  Cotton oil regulates perspiration

  •  Cotton oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin

Cottonseed oil is an essential ingredient in our lily and lily flower body milk

Otherwise you can use cotton oil for shiny, healthy hair. One of the biggest hair problems is dryness and lack of vigor.

They break and fall sometimes! We therefore advise you to use a cotton oil mask every week. It should be applied extensively to the length of the hair, and then cover the whole with a slightly warm towel. This makes it possible to increase the moistening of the hair, which therefore gains in gloss and held.

Cotton oil can be used as a make-up remover. The make-up remover is used in the evening to remove make-up.

Indeed, cottonseed oil is rich in triglyceride, it easily removes the foundation or powder.

It brings softness and protection to your skin, it can be used after a shave or hair removal to calm irritated skin.

It’s simple, cottonseed oil is your friend! It applies to all the face, take only 1 drop warm it in your hand and apply it as a beauty cream, and let the skin absorb it.

Your skin will thank you!