olive oil is the fat of olives.

Olive oil is made of about 99% triglycerides Olive oil is a treasure for the skin.

Full of essential fatty acids and rich in vitamins (A, C and D), it softens, tones and revitalizes the skin.

It nourishes the skin, protects it and participates in cell renewal.

Olive oil tones your skin.

Olive oil soothes and moisturizes your skin after sun exposure,

Olive Oil even lessens the effects of limescale on the skin.

it is totally versatile and it is an essential ingredient in our milk body lily flower and water lily


Otherwise you can use olive oil for shiny and healthy hair

One of the biggest hair problems is drought. They break and fall sometimes! We therefore advise you to use an olive oil mask every week. It should be applied extensively on the scalp, and then covered with a slightly warm towel. This makes it possible to increase the moistening of the hair, which thus gains in shine and health.

Olive oil can be used for a perfect complexion.

By using multiple cosmetics, you have probably already wondered how women were doing before? Indeed, they displayed a sublime skin and are still references of beauty. It’s simple: in the past, women were already enjoying the benefits of olive oil! They applied it all over her face like a beauty cream, and they let the skin absorb it. A single drop is enough, and your skin will thank you! Dry skin will be on the angels with this humidification remedy.