Leaving the shower, your skin needs to be softened and hydrated.

The limestone water attacks it day after day. The application of a body milk provides the necessary components to maintain its flexibility.

Our moisturizing milk Inopia asserts itself as a high-end care. Enriched with oils renowned for their exceptional efficiency, it reduces the drying effects of washing products.

Without the help of petrochemicals or parabens preservatives, we took the time to choose high quality ingredients to develop our product.

Nature is opulent, we have sought the best. Jojoba oil strengthens the protective film of the skin without greasing it.

Renowned for its effectiveness, grape seed oil is particularly active against the effects of time. By adding the satin power of cotton and olive oils, our scented body milk protects your fragile skin.

Now let the lily and lily extracts concentrate their scent in your bathroom. They transform the moment of the toilet into a trip to a Japanese garden. Inopia Perfumed Body Milk is a valuable ally for your skin.




We have concocted our shower cream scented rosewood and pear flower from plant extracts with exceptional properties.

Because simply cleaning your skin is not enough.The plant world is full of fabulous plants and we have pierced a tiny plot of these wonders.

The Inopia nourishing shower cream includes oils used since the dawn of time in some traditional civilizations. Their properties are now successfully used by modern cosmetics.

This moisturizing shower cream contains shea butter.

The power of the moisturizing effect of this vegetable fat gives it a high repairing power on the skin.

Associated with the virtues of coconut oil, the action of these first choice ingredients is then akin to a real care, completing the classic role of the shower gel. Sunflower and grape seed oils further enhance its effectiveness.

For this high-end product, we have selected subtle and refreshing scents of rosewood and pear flowers.

Contained in its sober and chic bottle, the Inopia shower cream develops a light and delicate foam during its use. The promise of a body with velvety skin!


Discover our duo wellbeing by Inopia CosmeticsRight your senses with our box duet well be the floral and feminine perfume.

Rosewood and pear flower for the shower cream, lily flower and water lily for our moisturizing body milk.Travel in a Japanese garden in full bloom.

This duo well being is enriched with vegetable oil extract such as grapeseed oil, jojoba oil.

These body treatments delicately wrap your body with a delicate floral scent evoking the first days of Spring, while bringing the skin softness and hydration.Your well-being duo contains: Cream shower of 150 ml scented with rosewood and pear blossom 150 ml body milk perfumed with lily flower and water lily.