Why you have to moisturize your body with a body milk. Moisturizing the skin all over the body is important not just in the winter but throughout the year. This avoids the crocodile skin effect. In summer, it helps to overcome the aggressions of the sun, the sea and chlorine. So this is a step to avoid jumping!

First, because the skin is the first barrier that protects you from external aggression. Showers, limestone, air conditioning or hair removal are as many attacks as the skin undergoes.

Moisturizing the skin reduces stretch marks.

Stretch marks are areas of skin where the deep dermis, located between the epidermis and the hypodermis, tears spontaneously. When they appear, they have the form of streaks resembling long, purplish-red scars, and are inflammatory. They fade over time to become white and pearly, almost the same color as the skin. Stretch marks are mainly on the stomach, breasts, arms, buttocks and thighs. Very common, they can appear during pregnancy, when taking or a significant and sudden loss of weight as well as during adolescence.

Our moisturizing milk Inopia asserts itself as a high-end care. Enriched with oils renowned for their exceptional efficiency, it reduces the drying effects of washing products.

Without the help of petrochemicals or parabens preservatives, we took the time to choose high quality ingredients to develop our product. Nature is opulent, we have sought the best.

Jojoba oil strengthens the protective film of the skin without greasing it. Renowned for its effectiveness, grape seed oil is particularly active against the effects of time. By adding the satin power of cotton and olive oils, our scented body milk protects your fragile skin.

Now let the lily and water lily extracts concentrate their scent in your bathroom. They transform the moment of the toilet into a trip to a Japanese garden. Inopia Perfumed Body Milk is a valuable ally for your skin.