Parabens are natural or chemical preservatives that prevent the proliferation of fungi, bacteria and yeasts. in cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals.

The rate of Parabens varies between 0.003 and 0.1% in a finished product.

Why European Union has decided to suspend the use of Paraben for cosmetics only. (At the moment parabens are not forbidden)

First, we must return to the definition of a cosmetic product:

“A cosmetic product is a” substance or a mixture intended to be put in contact with the superficial parts of the body human (the epidermis, the hair and hair systems, the nails, the lips and the external genitals) or with the mouth teeth and mucous membranes, with a view, exclusively or mainly, to clean them, to perfume them, to modify the appearance, protect them, maintain them in good condition or correct body odors “.

It is held that a cosmetic product does not come into contact with the blood. However, drugs and agri-food products continue to contain parabens knowing that they come in direct contact with blood, lymph.

An experiment has demonstrated the dangerousness of paraben through the use of a cosmetic product containing 3% of parabens, the rate allowed by the European Union is 0.03 to 0.1% on a finished product.

An increase in this rate can make sick or increase the risk of cancer in the long term.

Nevertheless, it is also necessary point out the bad application of cosmetic products by consumers.

Example: the deodorant aims to reduce perspiration and odors on a day of 24 hours, however I see many women put 3 to 4 times a day, often before sport (a time when the body does the big cleansing, doing this you prevent the body from being purified).

Continuing like this, one tireds the body in the long run.

All is a question dosing.

Conclusion Paraben itself is not harmful, we find parabens in red fruits and some vegetables.

The problem remains cocktails between cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness.

Che Inopia Cosmetic, we chose another conservative, there are hundreds.

We have chosen the derivatives of lemon, coconut and olive oil.Currently, the European Union is working on a regulation for all sectors using Paraben.