You find here all the information about the brand Inopia Cosmétique.

If you have questions do not hesitate.

Is the product organic?

  1. The ingredients come from organic farming. Body milk is not made by choice. I give explanations right here

It is you who created this brand?

  1. It’s me Jeannine 27 years old training esthetician who imagined the smell and the formulation with the help of a french laboratory located in the Var.

Tu as what like formation?

  1. I have a basic formation to understand the formulation . I have a professional baccalaureate industry and processes then I have a BTS cosmetic aesthetic.

Is it French ?

  1. The manufacturing is 100% Made in France.Y is there dangerous substances? We do not find Paraben, nor silicone nor petrochemistry. We obtain this creamy texture thanks to plants such as olive oil, jojoba …..

It is tested on animals It is not tested on animals Inopia means what?

  1. Inopia means rarity in Latin Why 14,50 € milk body 14,50 € is the price, you must know that I am a young designer. I can not negotiate prices and I have expenses to pay. I am a little tpe. The cost is 7,87 €

Do you live in your company?

  1. I would like to live but it is not the case. I have to work next door. My dearest wish is to pay me a symbolic salary.

Is there any other products?

  1. My goal is to develop the brand Inopia Cosmetics with a shower cream and a scrub always in the same range travel in a Japanese garden .