How to fight against dark circles effectively and sustainably.

Dark circles, the skin is physiologically mature from the age of 20 years. As you know, dark circles are more visible in the eyes because it is at this level that the skin is thinner and fragile. There are several types of dark circles:

Hereditary dark circles

Unfortunately it is in the genes and there is almost nothing to do except to limit the fat intake, for example to avoid make-up removing oils.

Dark circles with pockets

Our skin is hydrophilic, it is made of lipid and water, basically she does not know what to do with fat so she stagnates pocket-shaped under the eyes. It’s important to learn how to drain your skin to reduce puffiness.

“Blue” Circles

Blue Circles are often synonymous with venous problems. The vessels are a bit dilated and it shows under a very thin skin. It is advisable to strengthen the walls with moisturizing products based on horse chestnut or vine (such as Caudalie products).

“Brown” circles

Brown circles are often synonymous with problems of water retention; Moisturize and drain (like dark circles with puffiness) by doing exercises:

Put your middle finger and forefinger at the inner and outer corner of each eye, exert pressure by keeping your eyes open and pushing the eyelid as high as possible. The effort sometimes causes the trembling of the skin under the fingers, it is normal. Release and repeat this exercise 10 times.

My advice to avoid or delay all these small problems:

-Buy a soothing lotion for the eyes, I advise lotions with chamomile or rose.

– Invest in a moisturizing eye cream that you apply with your index finger inside to the outside. Especially use your ring finger and not the index or middle finger because you would put too much pressure on your eye and this can cause wrinkles in the long run.