A perfume is an odoriferous substance that can be composed of extracts of plants, flowers, vegetables, a mushroom or an animal.

There are 7 olfactory families: the floral, the woody, the oriental, the citrus, ferns, chypres and leathers.

The perfume has existed since the Neolithic period, it was first used to scare the game during hunting and the Roman era, it was used for religious ceremonies, then the Middle Ages it was used for personal hygiene .

It was during the Renaissance that the perfume acquired its letters of nobility. It’s as early as 20 th century that the perfume knows its golden age.

This was a summary of the history of the perfume.

The perfume in cosmetic inopia has for theme Japan more precisely, it is an invitation to a trip in a Japanese garden in full bloom.

⇒ the shower cream we chose two smells rosewood and pear flower.

The rosewood evokes a sweet and feminine note reminiscent of the rose The pear blossom evokes a sweet and slightly greedy smell with a lot of lightness

⇒ The milk body has opted for the Fleur de Lys and the Lily of the Noses lily is an odor rather sweet but strong, it imposes a femininity with character The water lily is a sweet floral scent with a very sensual character.

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For information, the Japanese garden comes from the ancient Japanese tradition.

It is as well in private homes as in city parks as in historical places.

In Japan, the development of gardens is an important and respected art, sharing aesthetic codes with the calligraphy and the wash The Japanese garden seeks to interpret and idealize nature by limiting artifices. Some of the most famous gardens in both the West and Japan are dry gardens or “zen gardens”, made up of rocks, moss and gravel.