The powers of the body massage is the subject of the day. We are in winter, the snow begins to fall.

It’s time to create a cocooning moment. Nothing is more effective than a good massage to do us good.

And if, instead of going to the sun or under your blanket, you offered yourself a long and delicious massage?

The benefits on morale are comparable to 15 days of vacation in the south of France. The physical benefits immediately felt, the massages oxygenate the mind and body and stimulates the lymphatic system, undoes the knots of tension, causes a let go of the body and consciousness. Lets you become aware of your body and the limits of the skin.

Scientific studies prove their true interest. Massages significantly and sustainably reduce the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, and improve the quality of sleep for everyone from infants to the elderly. We have also seen a decrease in the hormone related to aggression, and even positive effects on our humanitarian system.

If you do not have time to go to the spa or your masseur or masseuse. Know that you can do at home and yourself.

Just use a scented oil or use a body milk and mix with a few drops of neutral oil.Make circular motions in the direction of a hand of a watch at the neck, shoulder blades, belly and thighs.

Do not hesitate to repeat these movements at the hands and feet.

If you want a real moment of relaxation, the best is to opt for a spa or a body massage and to cook hairy.