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I am going to introduce you to my face care routine for this winter, beyond having created a cosmetic brand for the body. I am a true fan of face care.

When I was young I took medicine twice against acne.

I have a real oily skin acne prone. I really have to pay attention to my face, avoid or limit the inflammation of pimples and reduce pigment spots.

I also have dehydrated skin.For this I avoid all products with a high dose of accelerator drying.I also pay attention to the texture of the products I do not like the gel or the oil.

I prefer creamy textures.To clean, I use Aurelia probiotic skin care cleansing creamI am a fan of this cleansing cream, the texture is great.I use a clarifying lotion by Dr. Hauschka, it helps me a lot to limit inflammation of pimples.I use a few drops of oils to regulate sebum and improve the quality of my sebum using Antipode divine oil.

I alternate with two day creams depending on the cold vanilla cream of Antipode and Dr.

Hauschka’s light rose cream. Once a week, I make myself a purifying mask of Dr. Hauschka and then continue with an ultra moisturizing mask with Aesop blue chamomile.

I buy these products between Oh my cream, BHV and Dr. Hauschka House in Paris

And what is your beauty program for this winter?